15 Funny Memes of Today’s Internet

Laughter is the best medicine for unnecessary sadness. People do different kinds of things to amuse themselves. Some people go for a movie, some other play games, but most of the people get amused by looking at memes.

Memes are the easiest form of entertainment and they surely make everyone laugh.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 funniest memes for today. These memes are hilarious and you’ll be laughing out loud after looking at them. From crazy photo fails to savage double meaning jokes – this list contains all the funny stuff.

Scroll on and enjoy folks. Share them with your friends so they can also get entertained.

#1 Because memes are life

#2 She’s got the solution for you

#3 OMG Why would I bite the dog?

#4 Best feeling in the world

#5 That exponentially falling excitement graph

#6 Save yourself!

#7 That first sip of coffee in the morning

#8 Or when mom dresses you up

#9 No selfies today

#10 Instant crying…

#11 That mini heart attack

#12 That generic laugh

#13 Back to primary school

#14 Because sushi comes first

#15 Confusion can lead to really weird things

15 Funny Memes of Today’s Internet

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