12 Memes That Hilariously Sum Up the Married Life

Marriage isn’t about finding somebody who’s perfect. It’s about finding the right person who’s perfect for you. Your partner should be the one, who can handle all of your craziness with utterly unbearable quirks!

We have listed down some hilarious memes that completely sums up the humdrum routine of married life.

From some puns on long-durational marriages to sarcastic joke on car selection, this hilarious collection of memes is sure to have all married couples nodding and giggling in agreement to their life. Share the following with your better half and enjoy some roars of laughter altogether. Enjoy peeps!

#1 Such a disappointment

#2 How time flies

#3 Love for food is mutual

#4 It’s a tough life

#5 Breaking the silence is hard

#6 I’m babysitting my husband these days

#7 The nights have never been so hard

#8 This tells the difference between men and women

#9 Lion of the office, kitty of the household

#10 The heartbreak still exists

#11 Damn! The connection

#12 Because compromise is important

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