13 Funny Moments Shared By Hairstylists

If you are in the hairstyle industry or you have ever gotten a haircut, you will relate to some of the funny situations that go along with it. Today we have compiled some of the funniest memes for hairstylists. Scroll down and enjoy!

#1 The irony is that I am the stylist

#2 You wanna die little one?

#3 Story of a hairdressers life

#4 So you couldn’t find the time eh?

#5 Getting that perfect head position for the trim

#6 Styles for all ages

#7 At least should have asked for instructions before making a joke out of yourself

#8 You’ve given me the license now

#9 What did I tell you about eyes and shampoo?

#10 Why are mommys so cruel?

#11 Don’t you love it?

#12 Truth always prevails

#13 Plastic caps suck

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