20+ Fresh funny memes of the day

Happy Friday folks! Are you ready for your daily dose of hilarious memes.

Well, same as always, we’ve compiled a list of 20+ funniest memes of the day that you’ve never seen before. If your friend is always worried about the frozen windscreen then share the 2nd meme with him and laugh together.

From savage puns to crazy animal jokes – this list has all the funniest memes.

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#1 I own the hoe now

#2 Can’t beat this logic

#3 Many raccoons from the opposite gender will be after this one

#4 Living the sausage life

#5 Stomach call ups are always wrongly timed

#6 The policemen would love this

#7 Still not getting any 69 action

#8 Babies with teeth would really be the creepiest thing on earth

#9 I have given you the gift of death

#10 That lies under my spanking business

#11 At least he has the skill. I don’t even have that.

#12 Who needs movie theaters when you’ve got Netflix?

#13 The measuring games begin

#14 That’s how I’m gonna get rich one day

#15 That’s me. Totally natural!

#16 All eyes on me

#17 Feed me again. Fulfill my desire.

#18 Come here, check this out!

#19 Not a very good idea

#20 Get the hints girl

#21 What’s up doc?

#22 Wanna try these bad boys?

20+ Epic memes of the day

20+ Most Amusing Memes of The Day