20+ funniest memes of the day

Smile folks! The week is halfway over and the weekend waves from a mere two days away. But just in case your week’s glass feels more like it’s half empty than half full, we have compiled a list of some funniest memes to cheer you up.

These memes are all about light humor that will tickle your bored nerves and will make you laugh a little bit more. In our opinion, the 21st photo on our list is quite hilarious.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps!
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#1 Sometimes i can’t even control laugh after that either.

#2 A hidden revenge.

#3 That sad af moment.

#4 But the entrance is damn too small for us.

#5 Mondays got me like

#6 That’s how mom knows every thing.

#7 That’s like an earthquake

#8 The Shadow Priest arises

#9 Well 13 is my fav position…

#10 Remember that uncle?

#11 Why doesn’t the waitress get it?

#12 Look busy, do nothing

#13 Get the hint girl..

#14 Chad must be happy after Trump’s decision

#15 Life hack!

#16 Me to my children on Christmas

#17 Tita-neck king

#18 Didn’t see that one coming

#19 You can’t see him tho…

#20 Totally worth it

#21 How to stay positive in life

#22 Sound good to me

20+ hilarious memes of the day.

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