20+ Funniest Memes of the Day

Memes are the best way to kill your boredom. They can make you laugh even in your bleakest hour.

Are you folks ready for your daily dose of laughter? Like every other day, we have compiled a collection of 20 funniest memes of the day. From jokes on awful date night blunders to hilarious memes on upcoming Christmas, this list will make you go ROFL.

No matter how worn out you may feel, these memes will freshen up your mood instantly.

Scroll down and have fun peeps! Spread a few laughs among your friends too by sharing these awesomely funny memes with them.

#1 It just sounds better at 10%

#2 When the date night doesn’t go as planned

#3 Sucking all the humor out of me

#4 I hope she doesn’t open the MILF assignments folder

#5 Let’s all convert to PDF

#6 Step 1: Bring the competitor down

#7 The Burning Ass Toss

#8 Teaching him a lesson Alright

#9 GSUS and the gang

#10 Somebody bring her a Gin and Tonic please

#11 Let the Sani Cloth come in

#12 I don’t have $3 to spare ffs

#13 These guys made me realize we’re just a week away from Chirstmas

#14 I wonder what the present would be

#15 Let’s sail into the Fanta Sea

#16 No more swimming in the toilet bowl #heartbroken

#17 A dog is a dog

#18 Is sushi a code word for something else?

#19 It’s all about the muscle

#20 Parents could not believe it

#21 Google be tripping like

#22 Justice served in style

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20+ Funniest memes of the day