20 Funniest Memes of the Day

Memes are a great way to unwind; they’ll help you relax and let go of all the tension that you’ve gathered throughout a long day at work.

You can save your time from surfing website after website because we’ve collected 20 hilarious memes in this post to lighten up your day.

From hilarious resignation memes to witty puns on social media, this list will make you laugh out loud. Scroll on and enjoy the photos peeps.

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#1 Oh man what kind of a child have I raised

#2 The acting deserves an oscar

#3 Remember that!

#4 Karen Karen everywhere

#5 He wrote his resignation on the billboard

#6 I’ll get nightmares about this

#7 Remember me fellas?

#8 Could this BE any cuter?

#9 Do not miss the chance

#10 Toilet rolls as testing samples? I’m not having that!

#11 A storm is coming my way

#12 They were new ones

#13 I’d give away the password but this is too much

#14 Santa knows it all

#15 Where holidays mean much more than chilling at home

#16 May this be a reminder to you

#17 Bang! Ruined the mood

#18 It’s just a smoothie guys

#19 Ascending order

#20 Jesus with 8 pack abs

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