20+ Funniest Memes of the Day

Our social media is getting boring day by day due to same old news feeds. Whether it be Facebook or Instagram, old jokes and memes are circulating in our recent stories.

But don’t worry folks! We understand your problem, that is why we at memes rush enjoy collecting new memes for your entertainment session.
As always, we’ve gathered some awesome and funny random memes that will make you laugh out loud.

Have fun peeps and scroll down.
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#1 That muttered laugh

#2 Doctor Who who?

#3 Some things never change though

#4 Hair growth gone too far

#5 Jason Momoa who?

#6 The viper incoming

#7 Pikachu’s back

#8 The sweet and wild

#9 I’m sure the master doesn’t know about this

#10 This explains a lot about them

#11 The best at explaining superhero deaths

#12 Banging 100k would be hard

#13 The food pregnancy

#14 This is brutal

#15 Knowing needs of the residents

#16 Why always me Santa?

#17 Anti-interaction holiday

#18 It’s about time

#19 Ke$ha’s favorite app

#20 Embracing the pain

#21 The most Florida like Xmas

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20+ Best memes of the day