20+ Funny Photos of the day

Are you tired of scrolling through the internet for some entertainment? Do you want a little dose of some snickers?

Working 8 hours a day is not an easy job. We know everyone gets bored with their same tiresome routine and desperately needs some laughing therapy in their life once in a while.

So to lighten up your mood, we have compiled some incredibly funny photos for you. These pictures are all about light humor that will tickle your bored nerves and will make you laugh a little bit more.

Scroll down and enjoy folks!

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#1 That one annoying teacher

#2 When making your friends laugh is your ultimate goal

#3 I need to work on fixing this

#4 That sad moment

#5 This man should be hanged

#6 He is one lucky dude

#7 Yo!

#8 The book everyone needs

#9 Look carefully

#10 That scary moment

#11 I always look ugly

#12 That one annoying family member

#13 oh, dont you say that!

#14 Atleast got a big TV now

#15 Not a god boy anymore!

#16 Gotta make sure everyone gets a mattress

#17 Ouch

#18 Me at 3 am

#19 Cause Pizza is life!!!!

#20 I am sexy and I know it

#21 When you are waiting for your freinds

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20+ Hilarious Pictures of the day.