20+ Funny pictures for the weekend

Happy weekend folks!

We all get tired by working day and night throughout the week. The weekend is a perfect source of freshening up ourselves. What better way is there to spend your weekend other than by looking at epic memes?

We’ve collected some of the most hilarious memes for the weekend that you’ve never seen before. These photos are so funny and it will make you laugh out loud. From some savage racism jokes to crazy animal fails – this list contains a lot of hilarious stuff.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Have an amusing weekend!

#1 This amputee is gonna land more woman than us

#2 He was scared to death until my dog barked at him

#3 Now he has a proper job

#4 A list consisting of the most savage comebacks to use in a relationship argument

#5 Help us end racism, Please?

#6 Jesus is with himself

#7 Just found out Dwight was Asian

#8 Dear God, what have we done?!

#9 The multiple solutions to my “zero attention” attitude

#10 Anybody want eggs for dinner?

#11 Finally, someone has noticed my noticing

#12 ” Dude so many 12’9 “

#13 It was a beautiful journey kids

#14 Not all good people are practicing

#15 All prayers with the family

#16 When I see my crush

#17 Only for the Math-heads

#18 “Work was tiring” would also suck

#19 WWE should consider this

#20 Challenge accepted

#21 Sorry, auto correct

#22 I wish that could be done

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