20+ most amusing memes of the day.

Memes are fun! The meme trend has taken over the internet from the past few years. This combination of puns with different kinds of pictures is a great way of entertainment.

The only challenge faced by people around the globe is finding a fresh meme. We at meme rush are always there for you guys. We make sure to find the newest of memes available on the internet.

Same as ever, we’ve collected a bunch of amusing and epic photos that will surely make you laugh.

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#1 When you can;t afford a proper suit.

#2 You are not fat OKAY ?

#3 I wish I had that size Pit-Bull.

#4 When you are a spider man.

#5 Sheep the dog.

#6 Lol Not a bad idea.

#7 The Mule man.

#8 Well those are some real skills.

#9 Dominating Dog

#10 When you can’t cheer yourself up

#11 These snakes

#12 Thats just evil

#13 May be those were white Police Officers

#14 Yeah I will just kill someone with my cellphone

#15 Attention seeker

#16 Dont wanna add anything else here

#17 When you leave dad alone

#18 Because Priorities

#19 Why dont teachers get this?

#20 I feel sorry

#21 He walked into wrong neighborhood

#22 Its clear, who it was

20+ Funny Memes of the Day

20+ Epic funny memes of the day