20+ Super funny memes of the day

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Today We have an interesting collection for you. If you have friends who are always zoned out, share the 5th meme with them to mess with them. All the parents reading this will love the 9th Meme in the list, it is point on! The 12th meme summarizes how we all feel at the end of long Mondays. There are loads of other creative memes as well.

Scroll on and enjoy the memes peeps.

#1 You the man!

#2 Planning for the future

#3 We’re in dire need of this

#4 She did cause some damage

#5 Meme of the day

#6 Ever sneezed so hard?

#7 That night out cost a little more than I expected

#8 So our paths cross again

#9 Life goes on fellas

#10 Guess what they’re talking about

#11 They call me money

#12 The amount of laziness in this picture is too damn much

#13 Only Jesus can help me out

#14 Gotta go in with a plan

#15 How do I set my ass on this thing

#16 The best forgery company in the world

#17 The demons are behind me

#18 Self-made Nikes

#19 Story of my life

#20 The pain can be seen in the last one

#21 When you lie on your resume

#22 Bring it on

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